Oct 18

St Quentin Nitro outdoor 2013

This year a much depleted Risa Racing team (Jim, Dennis & Andy) once again takes the trip across the channel to take part in this great event. Hosted on one of the French national tracks in beautiful surroundings with some of the best facilities we have seen at any track. Travelling with the team this year is TKR Graphics main man Mark Kay.
We will endeavour to keep you updated on the weekend.

So we arrived Friday morning to a very wet track, we waited some time before going out for practice. Allowed the track crew to sawdust the wet areas and the few cars that were running to clear the line. After a few tanks we called it a day and headed out for food and an early night.

Saturday brought a mixed bag of results! Andy suffered electric issues all day before retiring in his second qualy, didn’t make it back out for the rest of the day.
Dennis put in some good clean laps in all of his qualy’s keeping the car on the line throughout the day and only suffered issues whilst catching slower cars.
Jim put in consistent laps throughout the day only really suffering from a few minor mistakes in his last round.

Few videos of Dennis and Andy as well as standings to date to follow when I find wifi :)
Nice to see Glens old car here, racing with Dennis for a while







Oct 06

Top Day at MAM RD 1 Kidderminster



Excellent days racing at Rd 1 MAM Series at Kidderminster, We all qualified really well even thou we haven’t been on astro for 12 months !!! Graham Howard 6th Glen Howard 10th and Jim Boulton 14th.

Jim got a love tap on the first lap of his final but put his head down and pulled back to 6th Overall, even thou he was half asleep on the rostrum well done big bloke !!!


Graham and Glen were in the A Final with HPI guru Mick Butler heading up the Risa boys in 5th. We all got away well but the first few laps were carnage but Glen came out of it all in 4th place and managed to pull a small lead over 5th, Graham was playing yo yo’s going up and down the field a few times.

Glen then got caught up with the leaders which put him back down to 6th, he then had a 5 lap battle with Chris Ely, but he managed to put a move on him coming on to the main straight. We ended up Graham 4th Glen 5th (i’ll get you next time bro) and Mick Butler in 7th.

The Xray XB4 was awesome all day, and considering this was our first outing on astro we came away very pleased and looking forward to the next round.

Great day was had by all with great company also thanks to Kev Bourne,Chris Ely and Mick Butler and the Risa Team.



Sep 29

Risa racing take TQ and Win




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